Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Suicide Bombing in Islam

"Suicide bomber" is a derogatory term invented in the West to try and describe what in Islam is known as a Fedayeen or Shahid - a martyr. The point of the bomber isn't suicide - it is to kill infidels in battle. This is not just permitted by Muhammad, but encouraged with liberal promises of earthy rewards in heaven, including food and sex.

Each week, there are about ten attempted suicide bombings - all by Muslims. The reason why Muslims are prone to self-detonation has nothing to do with genetics, desperation or suicide. It is the ideology. The Quran promotes martyrdom by promising paradise to those who lose their lives for Allah.

A suicide bombing is really an act of homicide. When Muslim apologists in the West say that Islam is against suicide bombings by pointing to the hadith that oppose killing oneself, such as Bukhari (23:446), they are being disingenuous. Muslims in the Arab world, who are less concerned about public relations, celebrate and revere suicide bombers, knowing that martyrdom in battle is glorified by their religion. As the Ayatollah Khomeini once put it, "The purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah."

The Religion of Peace


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