Monday, September 12, 2011

Youtube Support Terrorism And Anti-Semitism

Terrorists Rejoice: YouTube Pulls Pro-Israeli Video

Islamic Terrorists Using YouTube to Spread Propaganda

Anyone with an Internet connection can watch videos of bombings and sniper attacks against U.S. forces or terrorists propaganda against Israel— shot and edited by Islamic militants and broadcast on YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing Web site.

Extremists have found a new theater to display violence and anti-American propaganda.

Jeremy Curtin, a U.S. State Department official responsible for monitoring Internet propaganda, said authorities were aware of the footage on sites like YouTube but had not made any real headway in tackling the problem.

European intelligence agencies, while acknowledging existence of the videos, also say there is little they can do to stop them from popping up.

A recent search brings YouTube users to a video carrying the logo of the Mujahedeen Shura Council, an umbrella organization of Sunni insurgent groups including Al Qaeda in Iraq.

YouTube: Broadcast Terrorism Yourself
Senator Joe Lieberman sent a letter explaining his misgivings with the platform for
free speech that YouTube has given the public.

He brought up a topic that YouTube is actually fairly guilty as charged on – allowing themselves to be a willing participant in the dessimenation of Islamic terrorist organizations’s propaganda videos:

"YouTube is being used to share videos produced by al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups."

In Lieberman’s letter, we learn that he and his staff identified numerous videos that should, in theory, be a violation
of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

The videos were not in fact cited by YouTube, but YouTube claims that they were not in violation of the terms of service, and did not contain any violent or hate speech content.

The fact remains that the videos are there to promote the organization, and those organizations regularly organize the killings of innocent humans, in Iraq, Israel and elsewhere.

Point Of Light - Youtube Smackdown:
For many months Operation YouTube Smackdown has effectively shut down almost 15 thousands terrorist videos posted on Youtube and this has caused a lot of anger among the cyberspace terrorists. Operation YouTube Samckdown is a group of patriots who took upon themselves to prevent spreading terrorist propaganda on Youtube.

Jihad Jane was probably our most valuable tool for finding and removing new uploads.
Special thanks to you Jihad Jane from the Zionist Internet Spies.

Youtube And Anti-Semitism:
YouTube, world’s first place for searching videos, is full of videos denying the Holocaust. One of these videos shows under the headline “Housewitz - Tanzen macht frei”(“Housewitz - Dancing relieves")One of the frightfulliest concentration camps ever.

Some accounts on Youtube goes on with Backgrounds pictures of slogans such as:

“7,000,000 party people."

“3 Days of non-stopping partying” and “Hot showers (free)”.

“Jews invented communism”

"blaming Jews for the financial crisis"

eartina (10 hours ago)
Zionists, Israel and helpers done 911 and more. Only idiots didn't see it right away.
Google- Facts not Fairies.What Jews want, to kill all arabs and destroy all "goys"? They killing them all over world.

“The world trade center incident also a act partly done by Jews”

That’s taken as a reason to chevy Jewish people, although they hadn’t anything to do with this act.

There are also some anti-Semitism videos which want to show us the “reality” of a Jewish world domination.

Of course, it’s nonsense.

But what can YouTube do against that kind of videos?
The video is flagged, but that’s not enough. Youtube have to build a system for self-deletion or let users flag videos as anti-Semitic.

Germany is by no means the only example in history when Jews were the scapegoat for financial crisis. It almost goes without saying that when there is a dramatic misfortune in a country, the Jews will be blamed.

There is a YouTube video called "The Court Jewsters" currently up that quite clearly blames the Jews for the financial meltdown.

It's just classic anti-semitism. This is Nazi propaganda. This is pre-Israel anti-semitism. If you do a search for anything Israel-related on YouTube, and it's been like this for years now, you'll see scores of really scary comments.
For example, on a plain old facts about Israel video, you have this comment:

withoutmercyuk (posted on October 2, 2008 - Sad.) "You do know that Rothschild was given guardianship of 'Israel' in 1917. He stole Britain from the British and USA from the Americans. He owns the bank of England, the Federal Reserve and is guardian of the treasury of the vatican."

Now, why doesn't YouTube take this video down as fast as Yahoo took down the remarks on their Finance site? And why doesn't YouTube try to employ a censoring mechanism to keep people from writing the most disgusting, literally pro-Nazi genocidal remarks against Israel and Jews worldwide? Honestly, check out most any comment section on an Israel-related video on YouTube!

Google: We Won’t Censor Anti-Semitism
Google Director for Israel Meir Brand today told the Associated Press that they would not step in and censor anti-Semitism from their search results for Israeli searchers. While allowing free speech is a good thing, there is an arbitrary manner in which Google has applied censorship as its organization grows.“At Google, we have a bias in favor of people’s right to free expression,” Brand said. “Google is not and should not become the central arbiter of what does and does not appear on the Web. That’s for elected governments and courts to decide.”

Google in China, for instance, has censored itself to satisfy authorities in Beijing, restricting searcher access to “sensitive topics” like Taiwan and 1989’s Tiananmen Square massacre in order to comply with national censorship laws.

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