Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why America Supports Israel?

General Washington's financial advisor and assistant was a Jewish man by the name of Hyam Salomon. During the cold winter months at Valley Forge when American soldiers were freezing and running out of food, it was Hyam who marshaled all the Jews in America and Europe to provide money in relief aid to these stranded American troops and turned the course of history. Without this help, Washington's Continental Army, and the fate of the American Colonies would have perished before they could have defeated the British.

If you take a one dollar bill out of your pocket and look at the back at the Eagle, the stars above the Eagle's head are in the six point Star of David to honor Jews. If you turn the Eagle upside down you will see a configuration in the likeness of a Menorah....both at the insistence of George Washington who said we should never forget the Jewish people and what they have done in the interest of America.

Israeli-U. S. relations are an important factor in U. S. policy in the Middle East, and Congress has placed considerable importance on the maintenance of a close and supportive relationship.

Lyndon Johnson said:
"The United States and Israel share many common objectives...chief of which is the building of a better world in which every nation can develop its resources and develop them in freedom and peace."

Ronald Reagan was the first President to state explicitly that Israel was a strategic asset to the United States, a belief he expressed even before he was elected: "Only by full appreciation of the critical role the State of Israel plays in our strategic calculus can we build the foundation for thwarting Moscow's designs on territories and resources vital to our security and our national well-being."

Shortly after taking office, George Bush said: "The friendship, the alliance between the United States and Israel is strong and solid, built upon a foundation of shared democratic values, of shared history and heritage, that sustains the life of our two countries. The emotional bond of our people transcends politics. Our strategic cooperation—and I renew today our determination that that go forward—is a source of mutual security."

President Bill Clinton has taken the relationship to another level during his administration. "Our relationship would never vary from its allegiance to the shared values, the shared religious heritage, the shared democratic politics which have made the relationship between the United States and Israel a special—even on occasion a wonderful—relationship."

U.S -Israeli ties strengthened during the second Reagan term. The two countries reached a number of precedent-setting agreements in strategic and defense cooperation. Israel was granted "major non-NATO ally" status that gave it access to expanded weapons systems and opportunities to bid on U. S. defense contracts.

Today, the United States and Israel are the closest of friends and allies. During more than four decades of state-building, Israelis have looked to the United States for inspiration, financial and military assistance, and diplomatic support. Americans, in turn, have viewed Israel with a special appreciation for its successful effort to follow the Western democratic tradition, its remarkable economic development, and its determined struggle against its uncompromising enemies.

The Jewish population in the United States is less than six million; therefore, the political activity of Jews who view strengthening U.S-Israel relations to be in the national interest alone cannot explain the depth of the friendship that exists. Fewer than 3 percent of the population could hardly have such a dramatic influence on American foreign policy. The U.S.-Israel alliance is rooted in shared values.

While it well-known what Israel gets from the U.S it is important to show what the U.S gets in exchange to her support and cooperation with Israel?


The United States and Israel cooperate closely in a number of areas of military activity.

The U.S. and Israel also cooperate jointly on a number of technology development programs.

The Israeli port of Haifa is the main port of call in the eastern Mediterranean for the United States Sixth Fleet.

Israel also provides other logistical and maintenance support for U.S. forces in the region.

The two countries also share intelligence and maintain a joint anti-terrorist working group.

Israeli military equipment in USA use:

* Cornershot kitty- Expose a weapon, expose a lethal threat, without exposing any part of your body.

* ADM-141 TALD (Improved Tactical Air Launched Decoy)- device used to protect U.S. warplanes from enemy fire.

* AGM-142 Have Nap "The Popeye" - a precise bomb which hits specific coordinates

* Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- An Israeli invention, these are now used by the U.S extensively round the world.

* Python missile - A major air to air missile.

* M120 mortar - A 120 mm Mortar developed by Soltam Systems.

* SMAW - An Anti-tank guided missile developed by Israel Military Industries, based on the Israeli B-300.

* Cardom - A 120mm Recoil mortar system using modern electronic navigation, self-positioning, and target acquisition.

* Gabriel missile - A sea skimming Anti-ship missile.

* SIMON breach grenade - A rifle grenade designed to breach through doors.

* LITENING targeting pod - A precision targeting pod designed to increase combat effectiveness of aircraft.

* International MaxxPro - An MRAP armored fighting vehicle.

* Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station - A Remote weapon system.

* UZI 9mm Submachine Gun: The U.S. Secret Service currently uses this world-renowned automatic weapon.

And so the list goes on...

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