Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Warning Message to Arabs - It Go BOOM

Israel must notify the Arab nations that: if Israel is attacked with unconventional weapons or overwhelming conventional forces, there will be consequences.

Israel would be wise to notify each Arab country that, either pre-emptively or as a vicious second-strike option, Israel will hit all hostile parties with nuclear weapons, regardless of who launched the first attack. Israel will hold all collectively and severally responsible - as if they had met and conspired together.

One hundred or 200 nukes will reduce the hostile cities and army sites of the Middle East to rubble in minutes.

The Arabs need no excuses to kill Jews. It is part of their culture and essence. Jews may be slow learners, but most Israelis seem to be catching on. It is only a question of a little more time, and a few more attacks against Jews before the Arabs will fall victim to their own actions.

The Arabs will regret the day they started the war of annihilation against the Jews. The Arabs may be able to destroy Israel through fake peace treaties, but they don't stand a chance at destroying Israel on the battlefield. Israel has not even started to fight back. Soon, they will have no choice. At such time, the Arabs stand to lose much more than they could imagine. And I am not only speaking of the hostile Arabs who live within or adjacent to Israel's borders or Arafat's handlers and friends in Teheran, Baghdad, Cairo and Damascus will one day pay the price for their actions against the Jewish state.

Just as the Arab states were mistaken in 1948, 1967, 1973, when they predicted a swift and easy victory for the Arab coalition, so too they are making a grave mistake today.

Back in 1948, neighboring Arab states arrogantly called upon Israeli Arabs to "temporarily" abandon their homes, promising them they would return soon after Israel's annihilation to inherit the homes of the Jews. This plan backfired. The Jews won!

In 1967, once again, Arabs danced in the streets throughout the Arab world celebrating their impending victory and celebrating the upcoming expulsion and annihilation of Israel's Jewish population. Once again, the Arabs celebrated too early. Israel launched a pre-emptive strike and decimated all three Arab armies. Egypt was driven out of Gaza and Sinai. Israel liberated Jerusalem and all of Judea and Samaria from Jordan and the Syrian Golan Heights was captured.

Let us remember, the Jordanians, Egyptians and Syrians lost territory as a direct result of THEIR own stupidity and aggression.

In 1973, the war began with a massive and successful Egyptian attack across the heavily-fortified Suez Canal during the first three days, after which they dug in, settling into a stalemate. In the north, the Syrians attacked the Golan Heights at the same time and initially made threatening gains against the greatly outnumbered defenders. Within a week, Israel recovered and launched a four-day counter-offensive, driving deep into Syria itself. To relieve this pressure, the Egyptians went back on the offensive, but were decisively defeated.

This will be the very same fate suffered by them and the "Palestinians" in the current pogroms that they are perpetrating against Jews today. Israel will not forever remain silent. The Arabs are waking the sleeping Lion of Judea.

The Arabs are so convinced that they will once and for all rid the region of Jews.

The Arabs are so sure that Israel is on the verge of destruction.

These fools have learned nothing from history.

In the next war, the Israel Defense Forces and the civilian population will hopefully rid themselves of the Arab demographic threat by expelling hostile Arabs from BOTH the "liberated" territories of '67 AND the Arab cancer growing WITHIN Israel herself!

We would highly recommend to the Arabs not to pursue the path of war if they are not prepared to pay the price of annihilation.

Don't come crying to us afterwards.

You will have nobody but yourselves to blame for the consequences of your own actions, stupidity and arrogance.

Here is for the illustration:

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