Monday, September 12, 2011

Subliminal - God Almighty When Will It End

Subliminal & Miri Ben Ari

God ... God... God almighty, when will it end?
A moment of silence isn't enough for six million
We'll never be able to understand the magnitude of this tragedy
They had dreams of a final solution
Everyone went to sleep, and that was their last day.
One by One a people was almost annihilated
Even the bravest didn't survive
None were human, all were just numbers
Standing in a long line with no tomorrow in sight
So much crying without a single tear
So many endings and that was just the beginning
Lots of prayers and shouts, but no one heard a sound
And how could the Messiah not come to rescue us?
We were moving targets in Satan's shooting gallery
Impossible to hide and nowhere to run to
Temperature rising, our feet sticking to the ground
From dust to dust, our souls go to Heaven

The trains to death, the web of lies
The helpless still struggling for life
Murdered, robbed, that's it for their souls?
Identified only by numbers but their names won't be forgotten
Freedom vanished, yet the hope remained
The soul survived, our eyes looking towards Eretz Y'Israel
A massacre without reason
A sea of victims
Those tired out with yellow stars on their shirts
And were sent in to the flames
How is it possible to steal dreams from kids
In a time when adults' memories are stolen?
What did I do so horrible that there's no forgiveness
I always said "Amen" after every prayer
Now running through my head are thoughts of quitting
Tell me, how did we lose
our photos of mortals?
Feeling what happened to us in the Holocaust,
Sixty years ago and it's still engraved in our souls
A big scream stuck in my throat
Six Million! Etched in my memory
What mistake created anti-Semitism?
Who gave man the authority to annihilate a culture?
From the Star of David almost nothing survived
I'll wear mine, all my life never taking it off
So that in the future
We won't return to these same mistakes,
To remind me to always keep my eyes open,
And to teach me not to become prey within a cell
There's not another life cowering in fear
To be honoured in life, and to die with honour
The code for Heaven is survival
The sun will rise and the sun will set
The rain will come and wash everything away
The circle of life is true
If there's life after death,
We'll wait for them there!
God... God...
God Almighty, when will it end?

God... God...
God Almighty, when will it end?

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