Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Open Letter to Muslims


Make no mistake about it. You are nothing but a prisoner!

You don't have the freedom to leave Islam even if you had the dignity, integrity and self-respect to do so. Do you know that your prayers go unanswered? Do you know that strapping dynamite to your chest or on to the chest of your 12 year old son will send neither of you to Paradise to hump an endless stream of virgins?

All the bogus promises of an Islamic Heaven filled with young virgins (both little girls AND little boys) should be an insult to any sane human intelligence. By the way, when was the last time an Islamic cleric, mullah, Grand Mufti or a fat pedophile like Arafat ever volunteered to blow HIMSELF up? Believe me, THEY are a lot smarter than you!!!

Do you realize that your Islamic cult's ONLY enduring claim to fame is prefaced upon the utter injustice to others who do not share its Islamic cultist beliefs? The cult you worship was a cult created by the psychopath "Mohammed" and spread in all directions by his gangs of like-minded freaks bent on plunder, murder, vandalism, mayhem, rape and pillage. And this is the same fate awaiting those few non-Muslims unfortunate enough to still reside in areas under Islamic control today! Such is the sad state of affairs in ALL Islamic-dominated lands. Is THIS what makes you a proud Muslim?

Look around you...

Which of the forty or so Islamic nations do you most admire?
Are there ANY without abject poverty, utter devastation,endemic corruption, extreme economic inequities and grotesque injustices? And what would ANY of them be if it were not for all the oil lying beneath them... oil discovered by others, pumped out by others and transported out by others!

The fact is that NON-Muslims live far better in this world and certainly enjoy infinitely more physical, emotional and spiritual freedoms! Even your enemy, Israel... despite all your vicious attempts to terrorize her, to have the world boycott her and to pressure the stinking U.N. to isolate her... has a far higher standard of living and a more vibrant society and lifestyle. The misery of the Arab peoples, which remain disproportionately illiterate, jobless and illiterate, is not the fault of any Westerner (and certainly not Israel)... but rather the doing of their own un-elected leaders who have squandered the vast mineral and oil riches within which their lands have been blessed. You praise Allah for this?

Simply put... If you had the ability to un-clog your brainwashed minds, you would acknowledge the Truth that Islam IS definitely the worse form of racism and fast becoming synonymous with "terrorism" itself!

And terrorized are YOU too and you will continue to be terrorized for the rest of your miserable blind existence... unless you face this reality.

Why not unload this heavy baggage and become a good Jew... or, at the very least, ACT AS ONE. Our Torah and Jewish laws preach love, compassion, compromise and justice... not Jihad, Holy War and suicidal martyrdom. You keep saying that you and we are "cousins." Why not become more like brothers? Within a generation or two your progeny will thank you.

Masada 2000

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