Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Open Letter to Israel Prime minister

Dear Prime Minister,

If Israel's best young men and women must die, at least let them die defending a proud Nation... not a Nation groveling at the feet of murderers. Re-ignite the spirit of King David rather than that of the defenseless ghetto Jew. Be merciless on the Arab enemy who feeds off the carcasses of dead Jews. There are NO "bridges for peace." They disappeared long ago... right after Hagar and Sarah realized there wasn't enough of Abraham to go around!

The Arab enemy has chosen the terms of engagement. We want to live... they want us to die. That concept SHOULD be simple enough to grasp. The "Palestinians" are historical nobodies yet you have foolishly given them legitimacy. The world will not miss one single Arab "Palestinian." They have given the civilized world nothing but long lines at airport security checks. So why are you suddenly taking up their cause?

May I suggest that you take a walk through the Mt. Herzl Military Cemetery in Jerusalem where we took these photos. Look for the grave of that beloved Jewish soldier and try to convince his parents that the Arabs truly seek peace. And one more thing, Dear Prime minister, Wipe that silly smile off your face when you go there!

Why so many Jews have such an inexplicable urge to be loved by the world to the point of sacrificing themselves to minimize harm to enemy civilians or their olive trees?

It can only be called madness!

They twist normal self-preservation to show the world that they are better and DEADER than their enemies.

Unfortunately, by asking the Israel soldier not to sink to his enemy's level, he ends up sinking six feet BELOW his enemy's level! All in hopes of being admired by the world and his enemies.... posthumously, of course!

If there are still some Jews so riddled with some sort of ageless ghetto mentality wishing to lay down THEIR OWN lives so that their enemy's "civilians" might live, that's just fine with us.

And the sooner we Jews rid ourselves of these sick Jewish types, the better!

But when these same Jews happen to be the leaders of Israel or I.D.F. commanders, THEN Israel surely has a problem... And THAT problem is the running out of Jewish soldiers!

The Arabs are fighting Israel and now Israel must fight like a real army!

If Israel could in 1967 defeat the combined Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian Armies in just six days, surely today's more powerful Israel Army could deal a death blow to the Palestinian Arabs in just six HOURS!

And THIS time, throw them out and KEEP THEM OUT!

No End in Sight...

While Israel continues to participate in one make-believe "Peace Process" after the other after the other after the other after the other...

Mothers water their sons' graves while cemetery workers will prepare new ones until the Israeli politicians finally
'Gets It."

This was written during the frightening prime ministership of Ehud Barak, during which he nearly gave away the 'whole store' for peace. Thank G-d Arafat once again saved Israel from herself by refusing his offer which may have been nearly 100% of his 'demands"... but not 100% of them! These words could just as easily have been written during the present Ariel Sharon prime ministership or ANY future one that thinks the Arabs will ever stop murdering Jews.

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