Monday, September 12, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood

The history of the Muslim Brotherhood is the key to understanding today's Islamic Jihad.

1902. Ibn Saud, local tribesman of Arabian Peninsula, captures Ryad and proclaims himself regional leader. In order to gain acceptance and loyalty from the local Bedouin tribes, Ibn Saud revives the practice of Wahhabi Islam and institutes strict Islamic Law over the land. Wahhabi indoctrination centers (Ikhwan, meaning brotherhoods) appear throughout Saudi Arabia.

Wahhabism is a radical form of Islam, founded by Mohammad Ibn Abdul Al-Wahhab in the 18th century, which claims that: any teachings added to Islam after the tenth century are false. It envisions an Islamic empire led by holy men, with no other law than strict puritan Islamic law. This is why they are referred to as ‘Islamic fundamentalists’. It opposes the concept of nationalism and borders as being un-Islamic.

It justifies violent means to rid the Muslim world against the non-Islamic element. Wahhabism eventually developed a very strong anti-American and anti-Western message.

It is generally rejected by the vast majority of the Muslim world.

1920. The Mutawa, Wahhabi religious police, operates rule of terror in Saudi towns. Churches, synagogues and any non-Islamic temple of worship are banned from Saudi Arabia (still effective in 2002). The Wahhabi movement grows and becomes increasingly radical.

1920. Saudi Arabia discovers its enormous oil reserve and starts to do business with the non-Islamic Western countries, America in particular. Saudi oil becomes central to fueling industrial revolution. The Saud family becomes immensely rich overnight. It continues to play the Wahhabi card for regional support.

1927. Wahhabi extremists revolt against Saudi regime because of dealings with West. Rebellion is crushed. Extremists relocate in Egypt. Thoughts of Jihad against the West and America become central to the movement.

1928. Muslim Brotherhood established in Egypt by Hassan El Banna .

Mother organization for today’s Egyptian Jihad Islami and Hamas.

Muslim Brotherhood is built on Wahhabi foundations [vi] .

1928. Amin Al-Husseini becomes prominent member of Muslim Brotherhood.

He sees the Wahhabi concept of Islamic Jihad as a key tool to rally pan-Islamic support to further his agenda of Pan-Islamic take-over. The Muslim Brotherhood now under Husseini’s influence, becomes the main vector of hatred against the West and the Jews: the Arab World, which includes Palestine, must be free of any non-Islamic faith. Therefore, Jews and Christians have no claim to any part of the Middle East or of the Arab World.

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