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Khazar Jews

Why Khazaric fairy tales are proven lies?

It must be said that Genetics is the most advanced and undeniable source for ethnic research as it is the most precise science.

Eight Main Facts:

1. All Jewish groups from India, Yemeni to Polish or Spanish Jews have similar haplogroup frequency.

If we imagine that somehow Ashkenazi Jews are Khazarian converts then their haplogroup distribution couldn't match the haplogroup distribution and frequencies of Moroccon Jews. All Jewish groups have identical frequencies of identical haplogroups proving that they do represent one ethnic group with common origin.

If the origin of one part of the group is Khazarian than the origin of the rest have to be Khazarian, too. However it's historical nonsense to claim that for example Tunesian Jews could have any Khazarian ancestors.

2. Samaritans:
Genetic studies of Israelite Samaritans by Shen 2004 proved that the genetics of Samaritans clusters with all Jewish groups while are having huge differences with their long time host people, ''Palestinian'' Arabs. Ashkenazi Jews are genetically identical in populational distance from Samaritans as well as Sepharadic Jews.

For the Y-chromosome, all Jewish groups are closely related to each other. They do not differ significantly from Samaritans (0.041) and Druze (0.033), but are different from Palestinians (0.163) and Africans (0.219).

Nevertheless, the Samaritan and Jewish Y-chromosomes have a much greater affinity than do those of the Samaritans and their geographical neighbors, the "Palestinians".

3. Jewish haplogroups 50% J, 20% E1b1b1c:
Does not exist among any nation outside Middle East. Isolated populations with high J (South Europeans mixed with Middle Eastern) do not have J above 30% while population with high E1b1b1c outside middle east do not have high J.

4. Religious nonsense:
From the late 1st and early 2nd century mass conversions to Judaism are forbidden by Halacaha therefore it's widely unimaginable that after this time such conversions happened on a mass scale.

5. Historical nonsense:
Jewish communities existed in Europe centuries before the alleged Khazar conversion.

6. Yiddish:
Any language has to share characteristics with common languages. Therefore, if Ashkenazi Jews would have originated from the Khazars, Yiddish would surely have some Turkic elements in common with the environment from whence it came.

However, Yiddish which is known to be spoken from VIII century CE, doesn't have any Turkic elements. It's highly influenced by German-Hebrew and Aramaic languages but not a single word is originating from Turkic languages.

7. Culture of Khazars:
If any Jews were Khazars they couldn't somehow forget their roots. Some cultural traditional expresions from Khazar people will somehow have to be present in traditions of Ashkenazi Jews which would represent similarities with other Turkic people.

Also, Jews kept traditional Judaism for 3500 years.
However no such tradition or custom exist: folk dance, beliefs, rituals etc.

8. Jewish emigration to East Europe - Poland and Russia en masse is well documented from IX century as happening from the WEST and not from the EAST, as proven by numerous historians.

8.500.000 are Askenazi Jews while the rest are considered Mizrachi and Sepharadic Jews. While they are the majority of Jews in the Diaspora, they are a minority of Jews in Israel where the Mizrachi and Sepharadi are dominant.

While Khazar mythologists and anti-Semites were not able to spread their theories to non Askhenazi Jews and to deny their Israelite origin, the genetic research mentioned is focused on Ashkenazi Jews.

It was first publicly proposed in a lecture given by Ernest Renan in 1883, entitled "Judaism as a Race and as Religion." It was repeated in articles in The Dearborn Independent in 1923 and 1925, and popularized by racial theorist Lothrop Stoddard in 1926.

The main ethnic element of Ashkenazim (German and Eastern European Jews), Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), Mizrakhim (Middle Eastern Jews), Juhurim (Mountain Jews of the Caucasus), Italqim (Italian Jews), and most other modern Jewish populations of the world is Israelite.

One of the highest percentages of genetic uniformity and ancestral genes among any nation worldwide.
THE ISRAELITE ORIGIN OF ASKHENAZI JEWS IS 87.5% AND MIZRACHI JEWS (ALMOST TOTALLY) is one of the highest percentage of genetic uniformity and ancestors genes hereditament among any nation worldwide.

Even if most Khazars converted to Judaism (and they didnít) they would have attributed to less than 12% of Ashkenazi Jews and the FACT is the Khazars were only 2% of the 3.000.000 Jews in the 8th century.

Knowing the makeup of Israeli population, we can say that Israeli Jews are absolutely Israelites of today.

Something to think about:
Besides Judaism, other religions practiced in areas ruled by the Khazars included Greek Orthodox, Nestorian, and Monophysite Christianity, Zoroastrianism as well as Norse, Finnic, and Slavic cults.

The Khazar government tolerated a wide array of religious practices within the Khaganate.
Many Khazars reportedly were converts to ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY


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