Monday, September 12, 2011

Jewish Pride

Never it was better than now, this is just the news on the TV has cause to people to think that the end of the world is coming soon.

70 years ago, the Nazis lead us to die as sheep.

63 years ago, 7 Arabian armies did war with us when we were couple hours old. We were only 650,000 Jews against all the Arabian countries in the entire world.

Without any arms source, without any army or airforce, just a few people who don't have anywhere else to go or to live.

Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Lybia and Saudi Arabia, attacked us all of them together.

The land the UN gave us by OUR historical rights was 65% desert and unusable for farming, this is the country that began from nothing.

We fought in 1967 against 6 Arab armies and we won in 6 days.

Army with one of the best airforce in the entire world.

Export and Hi-Tech in billion of dollars, Intel, Microsoft and IBM producers in Israel.

Our doctors at the 1st level in the world, winning world awards.

We have changed the desert to paradise.

We export flowers and produce to the entire world, as well as systems of agriculture.

Israel sent 6 satellites to the space.

* Ofeq - Series of reconnaissance satellites. The first of these was launched from the Palmachim site on September 19, 1988.
* Amos - Series of communications satellites
* Eros - Series of observation satellites
* Techsat - Researching satellite launched by the Technion
* TechSAR - a SAR-based observation satellite.
* Sloshsat - microsatellite for investigation of dynamics of fluids in microgravity. In association with RAFAEL, Fokker Space laboratories, NIVR, NLR and others.

Not to mention another 4 satellites in development:

* Venus - Development, assembly and launching of a scientific microsatellite for Earth research. In association with Israeli government, IAI, Elbit Systems, RAFAEL and French space agency (CNES).
* TAUVEX - Production and launching of a space telescope in UV range for astronomical observation from the space. In association with Israeli government, Elbit Systems, Indian space agency (ISRO).
* OPsat - the new generation optical observation satellite.
* INSAT-1 and INSAT-2 - 2 nano-satellites developed by INSA - Israeli Nano Satellite Association.

We are proud to be with USA (350 millions), Russia (200 millions), Japan (127 millions), China (1.2 billions), France, England and Germany (450 millions), India (1 billion); Oh yes, and Iran at 2009... (72 millions)

Israel has nuclear weapons, even if we don't say that, everyone knows.

To think... just 70 years ago, the Nazis killed almost all of us (6 million of 15 million Jewish world population).

70 years ago, we had nothing, and today we have an empire.

Damn, who is Nasrallah to cause us of being scared or frightened, you are kidding us.

We overcame Egypt, Greece, Roman Empire, Spain Inquisition, Pogrom in Russia, Holocaust, 6 & 7 Arabian armies in 2 wars, Saddam Hussein, and many more.

It doesn't matter what age of humanity we overcame the troubles.

It was never better for the Jews than this time, so let's hold our heads high in pride and remember...

Any nation has wanted to kill us in our past, no longer exist, and our enemies of today, will disappear too.

Where is Egypt empire, Greece Empire, Alexander Mokdon, The Romans?

Is there anyone speak Latin except in prayers of the Catholic church?

Look at us, we are the same nation of the Bible, we are still here talking the same Hebrew language.

The Arabs don't know yet, but they will learn, there is only ONE G-d.

We are sorry we don't "cry," howlers, worries or scares.

Everything is good here, it should be better, but still, it is good.

Don't listen to the media. It won't be showing you our festivals, happenings, landscape, culture, friends, etc.

So what if our morale is sometimes low? It's just because we're crying on our family, friends, soldiers, which are dead, when the Arabs are dancing on our blood.

This is the same reason why after all, WE WILL WIN!!

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