Monday, September 12, 2011

Islamo-Nazi Propaganda

anti-Semitism in Arab societies and is the most potent and menacing form of hostility to Jews that exists anywhere in the contemporary world.

It has become thoroughly embedded in recent decades in the body politic of Islam. The reams of hate literature against the Jews constantly appearing in mainstream Arab newspapers and magazines, radio stations and TV channels.

and the anti-Semitic propaganda pervading Middle Eastern media has reached staggering proportions.

Anti-Semitic discourse is prevalent in the speeches of important government officials, rampant in religious sermons, in radio broadcasts, on Islamic websites, and has a massive presence in caricatures across the Arab world.

The world shouted "Never Again" after the horrors of Nazi's dead camps, but is now strangely silent as the same lies the Nazis used to fuel the Holocaust are being recycle for new generation.

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