Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

"Israel's policies in the territories have caused a humanitarian crisis for the Palestinians."

It's been called an "open air prison," said to be "one of the worst humanitarian crises in the 21st century." Well, here is the REAL story about the situation in Gaza. With facts from the United Nations illustrating Palestinian Arabs suffering from one of the highest obesity rates in the world and actual footage of plentiful markets and fine-dining restaurants in Gaza City, this is the what the media won't show you.


It is important to remember that Israel offered to withdraw from more than 95 percent of the West Bank and 100 percent of Gaza, and it is the rejection of that proposal, coupled with incessant Palestinian terrorism, that has forced Israeli troops to carry out operations in the territories. Though these actions have caused hardship for the Palestinian population, the IDF has continued to ensure that humanitarian assistance is provided to Palestinians in need.

During the three weeks of Israel's operation against Hamas, 1,483 trucks carrying over 36, 650 tons of humanitarian aid supplies have entered the Gaza Strip through Israel and these amount of aid had been increased after the operation:

Humanitarian Aid - Organizations and Donors to Palestinians:

* Jordan: Food, blankets, Medical equipment & medicine supply and blood units: 116 truckloads 2,538 tons.
* Greece: Medical equipment, food, blood units: 2 truckloads, 26 tons.
* Egypt: Food: 23 truckloads, 674 tons.
* Turkey: Medical equipment & medicine supply, 5 ambulances, food: 16 truckloads, 273 tons.
* Italy: Medical equipment: 1 truckload, 17 tons.

* Organization: ICRC - Medical equipment & medicine supply, 5 ambulances and car equipment: 48 truckloads, 327 tons.
* Organization: UNRWA - Food, Medical equipment & medicine supply, candles, generators: 310 truckloads, 5606 tons.
* Organization: WFP - Food: 127 truckloads, 3611 tons.
* Organization: WHO - Medical equipment & medicine supply: 25 truckloads, 300 tons.
* Organization: UNICEFF - Medical equipment & medicine supply:9 truckloads, 166 tons.
* Organization: MSF - Medical equipment: 1 truckload, 2 tons.
* Organization: MDM - Medical equipment: 1 truckload, 6 tons.
Other organizations: Food, blankets, medical equipment & medicine: 7 truckloads, 58 tons
Total International Community: 686 truckloads, 13, 604 tons.
Private Sector: 797 truckloads, 23, 046 tons.
Total Both: 1,483 truckloads, 36, 650 tons.

Note: This NOT includes Fuel & Gas

Humanitarian Aid After the Operation:

Hamas was accused of hijacking aid trucks and selling its goods during Israel's operation. Directly following the ceasefire Hamas and Fatah leaders began to blame each other for food and medical shortages in the Strip. Hamas accused Fatah of stealing aid from trucks in order to sell goods on the black market as well as detaining trucks along the Rafah border so as to prevent Hamas from restrengthening itself in the area.

On January 19, Jordanian sources confirmed that Hamas gunmen hijacked 12 trucks on their way to UNRWA headquarters.

Meanwhile, the medical clinic that Israel opened along the Erez border on January 18 remains empty. The treatment center is meant to assist 50 Palestinians at a time for wounds or other non-operation related illnesses. As of January 20, only seven Palestinian children came to the clinic for cancer treatments. The treatment center is stocked full with doctors and medical supplies as well as four ambulances but the Gazans are too afraid of Hamas forces to set foot inside or contact the Israeli-sponsored clinic. Doing so would be considered treason and Hamas operatives have been rapidly executing any Palestinian in Gaza who cooperates with Israel.

Report for May 2011:

* There was a 128% increase in the volume of truckloads transferred through the crossings compared to April 2011.
* There was a 31.5% increase in the number of patients and accompanying individuals who entered Israel for medical purposes compared to April 2011.

During the month of May, 4,031 truckloads were delivered into the Gaza Strip through Kerem Shalom Crossing, including:

* Aggregates: 530 truckloads
* Glass, Wood Profiles and Aluminum Profiles: 153 truckloads
* Cement: 218 truckloads
* Iron: 28 truckloads
* Total of Construction Materials: 929 truckloads
* Inputs for Agriculture: 96 truckloads
* Electric Products: 126 truckloads
* Clothing & Footwear: 89 truckloads
* Animal Feed: 520 truckloads
* Hygiene Products: 123 truckloads
* Transportation: 72 truckloads
* Textile: 26 truckloads
* Plumbing and Ceramics: 302 truckloads
* Essential Humanitarian Products: 583 truckloads
* Medicine and Medical Equipment: 32 truckloads
* Mixed Products: 204 truckloads
Total Truckloads: 4,031
Total Weight: 127,353 tons

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