Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Do You Destroy the Jews?

Not an easy task.

The powerful Pharoah tried it and failed. Even ten plagues were not enough to convince him to stop. Nebuchadnezzer, king of Babylon, gave it a shot. And, of course, Antiochus Epiphanes, the king of Syria, failed in his attempt, resulting in the celebration of Chanukah. Then there was the Roman army in the first century and the Crusaders in the 11th century, just to name a few more.

There were expulsions of Jews from England in 1290, France in 1306 and 1394, Hungary in 1349, Austria in 1421, Germany in the 14th and 16th centuries, Lithuania in 1445, Spain in 1492, Portugal in 1497, Bohemia and Moravia in 1744, among others. And throughout history there have been numerous pogroms, mass killings, threats, etc., etc.

Only 3 years after the closest attempt at total Jewish annihilation in the Halocaust, where two out of every three Jewish babies, teenagers, adults and elderly were given a bullet in the head, purposeful starvation, disease, burial alive/dead in a pit with fellow Jewish townspeople or gas chambers, one would think the world would put the idea of Jewish destruction to rest, at least for a while.

No way! Hence, another opportunity arose. Put the Jews into a barren little place that is "unreal" or "is real" (sic), which no one really wants.......except them. Every one of the countries surrounding this barren wasteland hates Jews with a passion, because it is part of their bible. So, either the cruel desert will kill them or the Arabs will. Only this time, the Europeans won't have to lend a "bloody" hand.

Europe certainly knew that after a Jewish state was declared, all surrounding Arab countries would attack the army-less Jews immediately. Survival would be impossible, just through sheer numbers.

In fact, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia invaded this pathetic group of already emaciated Jews struggling for survival. Azzam Pasha, secretary general of the Arab League boldly declared, "This will be a war of extermination." Guess what Azzam? This ragtag group with their primitive weapons, claiming to have God on their side, wiped out those big, "brave" Arab warriors.

Europe, still washing the Jewish blood off its hands from WWII, and cleaning burnt flesh from underneath their fingernails, did not lend Israel a helping hand. Since giving them an easily targeted state was not working, the world had to come up with a new "final solution" for the Jewish problem.

This would begin as an idea called the Arab-Israeli dispute, which would mysteriously metastasize as a cause that every European socialist and leftist elite professor throughout the world could join to oppose Jews.. the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The "Palestinian cause" is Europe's way of clearing their consciences of culpability from WWII genocide. If the Europeans can show that the Jews are really bad guys anyway, and indeed, are committing their own form of genocide against the poor, defenseless Palestinians, then their own actions during WWII weren't really so objectionable. By continuing to recognize Yasser Arafat as the leader who is persecuted by those "bad" Jews, Europe today believes they are wiping away their own guilt and blood stained hands.

Most of the world, through the UN, agreed to give the Jews this tiny piece of real estate, probably realizing that it would eventually be destroyed or eaten up by bad neighbors. Thus allowing Europe to sweep its responsibility for The Holocaust quickly under the rug.

Not so fast. Those damn Jews just will not listen to the odds. 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, bigger weapons, more wars and the Jews refuse to lie down, creating even greater defeats and embarrassment for the macho Arab nations. So a new Jewish extermination plot arose.

Since Jews miraculously cannot be defeated by conventional means, we will destroy them from within through a new 21st century phenomenon called "Identity Theft;" thereby confusing and muddying the Jewish identity and historic relationship with its homeland of 3,500 years.

Enter master terrorist Yasser Arafat who began his crusade in 1964 with a totally new strategy. Since he could not steal the word Jew, he successfully confiscated the term that early Zionists used extensively for the Jewish homeland and Jewish inhabitants of Israel...Palestinian/Palestine. With his newly captured "brand identity" now giving him credibility and history, Arafat would now attempt to infiltrate the land by fraudulently claiming historical ties. Even his own Egyptian birth has been changed. And they say Jews are smart.

Diluting the Jewish brand from the Jewish idea of Palestine is the 21st century equivalent of "Zyklon B" for the Jewish people and Israel. The term "Palestinian" unconditionally belongs to Jews, as described in all of Theodore Herzl's works. Unless Jews recapture it, Israel will eventually become a giant gas chamber for Jewish inhabitants.

The only reason that most Arabs moved to Palestine was because Jews were building it up again for 2 centuries in anticipation of a return to this homeland. The Palestinian cause is the world's latest attempt to destroy the Jewish people and is probably the most dangerous in Jewish history.

Gas chambers are immediate proof of death with obvious smoke, smells and ashes. "Identity Theft" is done silently, eating away at your total being like cancer. And suddenly, it is too late. Ask anyone who has been a victim of this new, high tech lynching. Unfortunately, most of those so-called smart Jewish leaders in Israel do not even understand the problem. This form of marketing and public relations has always been Israel's Achilles' heel.

Let's hope Israel wake up before it's too late.

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