Friday, September 23, 2011

Guard the World, Child - תשמור על העולם ילד

Guard the World Child Tishmor Al ha'Olam Yeled

Guard the world, child,
there are things forbidden to see,
Guard the world child,
if you see you will cease to exist,

You are the hero of the world,
with the smile of angels,
Guard the world child,
because we no longer can succeed.

Guard the world, child,
don't exaggerate your thoughts
For the more you know, child,
the less you will understand

And at a certain hour
all the doors will shut
And all the love will end
Only you will survive.

Tishmor al ha'olam yeled
Yesh dvarim she'asur lirot
Tishmor al ha'olam yeled
Im tire - tafsik lihyot

Gibor shel ha'olam yeled
Im chiyuch shel mala'chim
Tishmor al ha'olam yeled
Ki anachnu kvar lo matzlichim

Tishmor al ha'olam yeled
Al tagzim bemachshavot
Ki kama sheteda yoter yeled
Ata rak tavin pachot

Uvesha'a mesuyemet
Nisgarot kol hadlatot
Vechol ha'ahava nigmeret
Rak ata mamshich lichyot.

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