Monday, September 12, 2011

Children of The World, Israel And Palestine

Worldwide children are tortured and oppressed. being used by their country because they are helpless to fight back.Individuals who comments these violations know that they can get away with torturing children are seldom able to protect or defend themselves.

Amnesty International focuses on gender violence we also ask the rutgers community to be aware of all types violence being committed against children throughout the world.

For instance:
Life in Africa is a struggle for anyone, but the life of a child is even harder. Imagine growing up in a world where you lack the very basic in life, food, clean water, medicine, shelter, safety, a bed of your own. Beyond that, there are no toys, no dolls, no soccer balls, no sweets and treats, at best, a bed of reeds to sleep on

We all united to help them...

Children of Islam:
There is nothing really new about these attempts to explain the phenomenon of Islamism or Islamist Terror. Nevertheless the wide array of well-researched personal profiles and interviews do an excellent job of graphically illustrating many aspects of this topic.

Palestinian terrorists uses children as human shields during terrorist activities, this has to stop!!! Palestinians send their children to the fire-line and then accuse Israel for killing children!
As you can see, at least three Palestinian terrorist are in combat with the IDF, and children are watching as if it's a football match...

There is almost no chance that when fired at return fire, the Israeli troops won't hit also the spectators.

Children Of Israel:
Israel has been the target of an unprecented Palestinian terror offensive since September 2000.
As of the end of July 2002, some 410 civilians and an additional 179 soldiers have been killed during this period.

This figured including the murder of 89 infants, children and teenagers from the age of 4 months to 19 years.

Each victim has a name and a face.

Each victim was filled with joy of life, with promising talent, with love and friendship. All snuffed out in one deadly moment by cowardly murderers deliberately targeting children.

These deaths were not accidental; they were not the collateral damage of battle; they were not children caught in the cross fire. No, these children were deliberately targeted by terrorists who are cynically exploiting Israel's sensitivity to the lives of children.

Judaism's view of the sanctity of human life to extract concessions.

In addition, another 809 have been seriously wounded. Their lives and the lives of their families for ever changed by the evil terror for the sake of Allah.

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