Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yehoram Gaon - Ballad for the Medic

They moved slowly,
Everything was calm
Across the river
The water broke

Suddenly thunder struck
And one shouted ""Someone hit!"
"I'm on my way" replied the medic
"We hit a mine," yelled the wounded
"I'm by your side," replied the medic

A hail of fire stormed
in across the raging river
"Leave me here" asked the wounded
"Forget it"!" replied the medic
"Save yourself" asked the wounded
"I'm staying here with you" replied the medic

And both of them were left in the open field
And both of them were left
Exposed to the fire

"We're lost", mumbled the wounded
"hold me tight!" replied the medic
"You too are wounded," said the wounded
"Forget it, its not that bad", replied the medic

The fire is heavy, heavy
And it's hard, hard to move on
But just don't give up, but just DON'T GIVE UP
"I will always remember you", swore the wounded
"Just don't give in...", mumbled the medic
"I'm yours until the day you die," swore the wounded
"Today is the day I die...," replied the medic

Suddenly a cloud of dust
Suddenly a wind came strong
And there was a shadow on the ground
It came closer, louder

"We are saved, here they come," cried out the wounded
But he didn't hear a word from the medic
"My brother, my brother", cried out the wounded
Across the storming river...

Oh my brother, oh my brother, my brother...


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