Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/11 Was Mossad Job

A global network of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists is energetically working to blame Jews and Israel for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

These theories are the latest manifestation of centuries-old allegations that Jews manipulate and control world events for their own benefit. They bring the Protocols of the Elders of Zion into the 21st century, updating a familiar theme: that Jews are inherently evil and have a "master plan" to rule the world.

What makes the 9/11 conspiracy theories particularly important is that they have united disparate groups of Jew haters, American far-right extremists, white supremacists and elements within the Arab and Muslim world ó who are exchanging and echoing information, ideas, and conspiracy theories, particularly through the Internet.

Where does it come from?
Immediately after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, rumors began circulating that the airplane hijackings and subsequent crashing of the planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon had been the work of Israelís secret service, the Mossad. At the heart of this propaganda, named the ìBig Lie,î were stereotypical messages: ìOnly the Israelis could have been skilled enough, only Jews could have been smart enough to plan and execute such a complicated and intricate plot.î There is another virulently anti-Semitic assumption underlying this notion: ìOnly Jews could have been evil enough.î

Another version of this falsehood is that Jews had advance knowledge of the attacks; that Jewish employees were secretly warned not to go to work that day. In fact, then poet laureate from NewJersey, Amiri Barakaís poem, a lengthy diatribe about September 11, repeats the conspiracy about Jews and Israel having foreknowledge of the attacks and the false rumor that 4,000 Israelis did not show up for work at the World Trade Center.

Many of the theories claimed that Jews, usually Israelis, concocted and carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks in order to unleash the fury of the United States on the "enemy" of the Jews ó the Muslims.

Some of the LIES:
* 9/11 is Mossad's job.
* Israeli Art Student" Spy Ring.
* Israeli Companies Spying on the U.S.
* Jewish Ownership" of the World Trade Center.
* Four Thousand Israelis Told to Stay Home.
* Five Israeli "Spies" Found Taping the WTC Attacks.

What are the facts?
The 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by members of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

Most of the terrorists today... are Muslims

Jews and Israelis had no knowledge of the attacks. Of the 2,996 victims who died during the September 11 terrorist attacks, an estimated 400 victims were Jews, including at least two Israeli citizens.

The primary propagators of the lie that Jews were somehow behind the terrorist plot are the Arab and Muslim media in the Middle East, attempting to deflect blame from their brethren onto Jews and Israel.

The 9/11 conspiracy theories take the Protocols into the 21st century, echoing and expanding upon this familiar theme: that Jews have a master plan to rule the world.

The Arab and Muslim press quickly picked up on this theme and blamed the 9/11 attacks on a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

American white supremacists soon joined the Arab and Muslim anti-Semitic theorists who claimed that the world Zionists plotted the 9/11 attacks.

In addition to blaming the Jews and Israel for the 9/11 attacks, many anti-Semites also voiced support for the Arab and Muslim world, especially the Palestinian cause.

Since the 9/11 attacks, there have been increasing exchanges of ideas between white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and far-right circles on one hand and radical Arab and Muslim circles on the other.

A number of Arab and Muslim publications and Internet groups have printed pieces by William Pierce and David Duke that blamed the attacks on Israel and the Jews.

It is important to question the validity of the statement that Jews were responsible for 9/11 and to ask those who make the accusation where they got their information?

The Internet is where many read this lie, and while the Internet can be a great source of information, you have to be careful where you get that information.

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  1. Absurd Zionist lunacy. There were over two hundred Mossad and IDF agents arrested and there’s tons of Incontrovertible evidence that the Talmud is evil that Noahide Law is Jew Genocidal Racist Plans, that the Holocaust of Six Million is an absurd Kabbalistic number they published over and over that it never happened that it couldn’t happen and that Jews mass murdered millions. People aren’t stupid you are


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